Water Sports in Goa - add a little adventure to your holiday in Goa.

Prince of Sal is a family operated water sports business in Goa. Our company is well known for efficiency , personalized service, modern equipments and our overall experience of 18 years of water sports in Goa.

Most of our crew member grew up in this place swimming in the sea, fishing, and enjoying almost every action the sea has to offer. So we know the thrill and the fun involved, and at prince of Sal we'll make sure that you enjoy and experience every bit of it.

Our speed boats are brand new Yamaha models which are loaded with up to date features on them for you to enjoy. Recently we have introduced a winch boat for Para-sailing, we'll the reason being, the sea condition are unpredictable, and at times it becomes very difficult do conduct the water sports in Goa, so now with the winch boat we can do the para-sailing with much ease, even in the monsoons.

 So get set to taste the real experience of your lifetime
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Water Sports in Goa